Electric Vacuum Truck ATEX

Alkè, in collaboration with Gerotto, has designed a new explosion-proof machine for working in ATEX zones, the Electric Vacuum Truck ATEX. Cleaning operations in ATEX zones are usually done placing a standard vacuum truck in a safe area and sucking sludge and material from ATEX zones with extensions of the hose. This solution is very expensive and could be unsafe.


With this revolutionary machine, dangerous material can be removed directly inside ATEX zones. Both the vehicle and the tank are ATEX certified [ATEX Marking Ex II (1) 2 G IIB T3] and are suitable for works in refineries, mines, cement plants, power plants, foundries and chemical industries.
Alkè ATEX certified Electric Vehicles are the perfect solution for working in potentially hazardous environment. They are designed to prevent the ignition of the atmosphere during normal operation and the ATEX classification of the area in which they will be used determines the kind of vehicle to choose.
Realized according to ATEX 94/9/EC, they cover both operations in surface activity (category 2 and 3/ zone 1 and zone 2) and underground activity (category M2).
Under request, other special versions can be provided:
- Vehicles for environments with presence of explosive materials (such as fireworks, ammunitions, etc);
- Vehicles with temperature class T4 (135°C);
- Vehicles with combined protection 2G+2D.
Also, on request, certifications can be converted from ATEX to EX / EE conversions (USA regulations UL583).
Electric Vacuum Truck ATEX can perform liquid waste suction and vacuum excavation.
The suction system is built with a liquid ring vacuum pump, with a maximum air flow level of 450 [m3/h], at a maximum vacuum of 60%. The pump is suitable for working at high vacuum power and has low noise level.
The sludge and liquid waste suction plant includes a stainless steel cyclone moisture trap, in order to retain mud and liquid impurities; in the presence of liquid in the line, an electronic sensor automatically stops the pump.
All the equipment functions can be controlled by a professional radio remote control. With the R.D.A. System (Remote Data Access) a telemetric board is installed, which allows the via web transmission of the main equipment functions.
The control panel is placed inside a stainless steel box, with stainless steel door. All cables are IP65 grade protected.
Electric Vacuum Truck ATEX can be built with ADR homologation and ATEX certification with protection grade Ex II (1) 2 G IIB T3.

The grounding system, thanks to a clamp connected to conductive parts of tank truck, disperses to the ground the electrostatic charges generated during load and unload operations. The electronic unit of the apparatus verifies the ground resistance and, if it is acceptable, it allows round connection and switches the SPDT contacts to enable/disable the pump of tanker (it is signaled by green light).
Electric Vacuum Truck is also equipped with ATEX Certified flammable gases detectors compliant with all CE standards.




- Hose diameter: 80 mm / 3"
- Hose lenght: 40 m / 131 ft
- Liquid ring vacuum pump: ATEX Marking Ex ll 1/2 G llB T4 - Max air flow 450 m³/h
- Grounding system: ATEX Marking ll 2 (1) G Ex d llB+H2 T6 IP65

- Gas detector xertifications: Ex ll 2 G EExd llC T6 T85 Deg C
- ATEX Zone 0 Certified working lights: Ex ll 1 G, Ga Ex ia ll B T4
- Stainless steel tool cases
Battery life with battery completely charged:
Work cycle

  Only drive High speed suction  Low speed suction 
Range 60 km at 30 km/h 10 km at 30 km/h 10 km at 30 km/h
Time       - 1 h working pump 2 h working pump

 Electric Vacuum  Truck ATEX

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