Testing the new ROV FTC-NME 2.0 - ATEX Zone 0

FTC-NME (Fuel Tank Cleaning – No Man Entry) is a remote controlled robot intended for underground storage tanks (UST) reclamation.

It is equipped with rotating nozzles that spray high pressure water or chemical product to clean the inner part of the tank.

The new version is equipped with:

  • Rubber tracks, to climb over obstacles, such as reinforcement elements inside the tank.
  • High pressure nozzles placed on the lower part of the machine, to clean the surface in front of the suction mouth.


The mini robot FTC-NME (Fuel Tank Cleaning – No Man Entry) is ATEX Zone 0 Certified, totally remote controlled with pneumatic movements for the cleaning of underground and at high risk of explosion tanks.

It can be connected to Suction Excavators, Vacuum Cleaners and Industrial Aspirators.
It works by high pressure cleaning, oil and liquid suction and by the emission of chemical products for the cleaning of the tanks.
It is equipped with an ATEX Zone 0 Certified camera system.



- Safe operations in areas at high risk of explosion
- Accurate and precise interventions
- Costs reduction
- Environmental sustainability
Suction hose: Ø 80 mm / 3’’

- Manhole: Ø 450 mm / 18’’
- Length: 900 mm / 3 ft

 Tank Storage Magazine | February/March 2017

 FTC-NME System

 Atex Zone 0 Cameras & Lights
 FTC-NME - ROV Atex zone 0