Tank Cleaner

The mini excavators of Gerotto Federico S.r.l. apply the No Man Entry technology for removing effluent from storage tanks, thus avoiding human presence in the dangerous area and assuring the safety during cleaning and suction operations.

The Tank Cleaner category, which includes the ATEX versions of Lombrico and Gatto made by Gerotto, consists of very special products, suitable for cleaning tanks with very tough and sticky sludge.
In particular, in the case of the Lombrico, the frontal part is equipped with an Auger to collect these thick sludge and to pump it back out into a vacuum truck or into disposal bins.
The removal of this sludge was usually carried out putting 12 or 18 people inside the tank, using water lances to wash it and shovels to collect it and pull it out. The Lombrico mini robot does exactly the same job, aspirating the sludge with a pump.
The saving in terms of people’s health, time and costs is considerable. 
In fact, with this robot it is sufficient to have three workers to prepare and control the machine from the outside of the tank, far from the hazardous environment.


• Considerable reduction of costs for cleaning operations
• Increase of productivity
• Reduction of shut-down time
• Simple operations within hazardous and confined spaces
• Reduction of manpower

Videos / photos

   References: Shell choses Gerotto

Technical files

   ATEX Products Brochure - TANK CLEANER
   Interview with Danny Chua

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