Gerotto Federico S.r.l. has developed an innovative ATEX Zone 0 Certified video inspection system, allowing to survey in the highest explosion-risk areas.
The system is composed by intrinsically safe and ATEX certified camera, lights and monitor, avoiding the creation of sparks or overheating in the system.

The LED Lights illuminate the hazardous area while the Camera sends a real-time video signal to the Monitor through an intrinsically safe cable, avoiding overheating in the system.
It is also possible to chose the Full HD Camera for real-time-coloured images (in case of bad conditions, the camera will switch to b/w) and a 5-times-better video quality.
The Screen could be ATEX Certified or not, depending on the customer needs.


The LIL-1 intrinsically-safe LED lamp is used mainly for illuminating explosion hazard areas. The LIL-1 emits light of different colours; therefore it can be also used as a signalizing device.


The KTi-3 intrinsically safe CCTV camera is used for real-time colour video transmitting from methane and/or coal-dust explosion-risk areas, trough various transmitting media, to surface.


Intrinsically safe CCTV video camera is designed to transmit colour images in real time from hazardous areas with potentially explosive