Video Camera KTi-5

Intrinsically safe CCTV video camera is designed to transmit colour images in real time from hazardous areas with potentially explosive atmospheres. Within group I (ATEX classification) it allows to operate in confined spaces with methane concentrations; within group II it allows to operate in zone 0.

CCTV video camera provides Full HD video stream, with compression standard H.264 or MPEG-4, allowing to transmit images with frame rate 30fr./s. Thanks to Full HD resolution, this camera can record up to five times more details when compared with traditional analog cameras. It supports the most of network protocols. 
Image can be displayed directly in network browser IE 6.0 (or newer) or with any software dealing with RTP/RTCP streams. Video camera allows settings of video stream in scope of image quality, shutter speed, video stream flow, frame type, compression ratio etc. It is equipped with functions such as movement detection or face recognition.
The camera has a lens with aperture automatically adjustable depending on light intensity. In poor lighting conditions sensor switches automatically to black/white mode. The camera has integrated LED illuminator. 
The camera is powered from 12V DV intrinsically safe power supply. Power cord is inserted into the camera through M16 cable gland. Video stream is provided through optical fibre 100Base-FX interface. 
Fibre is inserted into the camera through M20 cable gland. Additionally camera provides analog CVBS signal. Camera IP65 housing is made of steel and it is shock resistant. The handle allows to adjust camera position in two-axis.


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