Led Lamp LIL-1

Intrinsically-safe LED lamp is used mainly for illuminating hazardous areas. It emits light of different colours; therefore it can be also used as a signalizing device.

The lamp can be used in anti-explosive video monitoring systems to illuminate the path and signalize the end of the train. 
The LIL-1 LED lamp is an intrinsically-safe device classified as group l and ll (M1, ll 1G, ll 1D) ensuring an "ia" level of safety. The lamp can be used in mining areas belonging to "a", "b" and "c" degrees of explosion hazard.
Lamp features are customized to individual customer needs at the time of ordering (LED colours, light angles, signalling function). Mounting methods can also be customized to individual customer requirements after consulting with the manufacturer. 
The standard handle is adjustable in two axes.
The lamp can be fitted with LEDs that emit different colours of light (standard or warm white, red, green, yellow or infrared).
For each of the three LED's, you can choose a lens with a different light scattering angle.


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 Led Lamp LIL-1
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