essenza, conceptualised by Italian designers and brought to life by an international network of lubricant specialists, is a versatile brand that symbolise energy, efficiency, excellence and evolution.

essenza is a comprehensive range of premium lubricating oils, greases and related products, positioned at the global lubricants market.

Our international technical team bring with them decades of experience in product development and formulations therefore our strength lies in selecting the latest technology available to meet market expectations while our adaptation strategy assures customisation in local markets.

This carefully selected range of lubricants is available from ISO 9001 plants in Singapore and Europe and is available in an array of packaging options, to cater for our diverse market demands.

Motorcycle oils

Heavy duty diesel engine oils
European line

Passenger car motoroils
CX line

Heavy duty diesel engine oils
Singapore line

Passenger car motoroils
EX-XF-FS line

Industrial oils

Passenger car motoroils
UXP line


The information and packshots contained herein is provided as a guideline and may change without notice. We therefore decline any liability for the improper use of the product information and suggest that you contact our technicians in order to obtain up-to-date information on product specifications and applications.