Gerotto Federico S.r.l. operates all over Italy with Suction Excavators sale and hire out services. Gerotto also provides specialized cleaning and excavation services using these machines. The Company is always close to the customers, pledging a 24-hour support for emergency interventions.
Reliability and experience are the distinctive elements that drove the Company to become RSP GmbH’s exclusive dealer for Suction Excavators in Italy and the first company in Italy to use this Technology.
From 1998 it’s been active in developing and promoting this innovative technology that guarantees remarkable advantages compared to traditional techniques, and is often requested for competitive bids.
Gerotto Federico S.r.l. discovered and invented the new market of the Suction Excavator, and today it still is the market leader with its highly technological machines.
Innovation and development are guaranteed by the wide expertise that Gerotto has reached in the Suction Excavators design and application fields. For this reason, in the last years Gerotto developed and produced the Mini Excavators, little robot machines that can be used in aspiration, digging and reclamation works, especially in confined and dangerous spaces.
The production of Mini Excavators projected the Company on the international scene, bringing some important collaborations with European, Asian and American companies, and creating a distribution network for its products. Mini Excavators proved to be the ideal machines for replace man in dangerous cleaning and digging works, in mines, refineries, industrial plants and many more.
Gerotto specialized not only in the production, but also in interventions with Mini Excavators combined with Suction Excavators, Industrial Aspirators, and especially Vacuum Trucks, that considerably expanded their range of intervention. Moreover, Gerotto realized a whole range of explosion proof products (with ATEX certification) for working safely in high explosion-risk areas.
Gerotto Federico S.r.l. is composed of 4 departments:
1. Mini Excavators Department
2. Commercial and Service Department for the RSP GmbH Suction Excavator
3. Suction Excavators Services Department
4. Road Construction Department
- SOA Certification



Gerotto Federico srl

Gerotto Federico S.r.l 
Via Croce, 26

35011 Campodarsego (PD) Italy

Capitale Sociale i.v.: euro 1.000.000,00
Codice Fiscale e Iscrizione al Registro
delle Imprese di Padova: 00308900281
REA: PD120419
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