During 2011 annual meeting Gerotto Federico S.r.l. in collaboration with RSP GmbH presented new Lavaspyra, an highly innovative Suction Excavator created and refined for cleaning difficult surfaces such as quays, foundries and steelwork, roads invested by floods and landslips, runways and taxiways.

This machinery takes advantages of suction excavator technology united with air pistol and water. It also guarantees a surface in depth cleaning with a remarkable water saving.
Lavaspyra Gerotto can also be assembled with 6 or 8 rotating ceramic nozzles for a 2,5 m or 3,5 m width cleaning.
Lavaspyra is a great example of technology meeting up important need and it symbolizes another winning bet by Gerotto Federico S.r.l., shown by its hire out and sale market in Italy and all over Europe.

On 23 and 24 January 2009 the annual Suction Excavators International Meeting took place at RSP GmbH headquarters in Saalfeld, Germany.

During this conference, RSP World Leadership was once again verified with regard to Suction Excavators market, both for sales volume and technological growth. The Company competitiveness high level was affirmed by a steady development in terms of dimensions, sales volume and export. Gerotto Federico S.r.l. directly contributed in achieving these excellent results, making the Italian market the second market ever in the whole Europe.
New development plans consider German branch expansion to increase production capacity and to create a new division for pickling, sandblasting and painting in order to decrease Suction Excavator production time and in the meantime to let the customer personalize his machinery.

In terms of new technologies, Lavaspyra was recently presented. It was designed and realized in cooperation with Gerotto Federico S.r.l.; it consists of a new cleaning and suction system of dirty surfaces with excellent results and very low water usage.

A new Suction Excavator, 18/4 with 6.70x2.30 m size, was also realize in order to get in historical town centers where maneuver area is limited. A new mechanical articulated arm, having a payload lower than 18 tons, instead of old telescopic one is the real peculiarity of this new excavator. RSP counts to boost his sales volume in Italy.

RSP International Meeting

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