The story of Gerotto from the beginnings to today

Experience and technology at the service of safety.

Gerotto Federico was founded in 1966 in Campodarsego, in the Venetian hinterland, with the initial denomination of artisan enterprise, specialized in excavations and earthmoving operations. During the following years the company evolved and, as a proof of the huge development of the field and of the company itself, the operative and administrative headquarter was built, which is still today the heart of a constantly evolving activity.

Growth combined to research and application of new technologies to the products has been the vocation of the company since 1993, when it became Gerotto Federico S.r.l.

The decisive turn came in the 2000s, thanks to this vision: in the German market, Gerotto glimpsed the high potentialities of an innovative machine called Saugbagger, translated as Suction Excavator, which is used to excavate the material by means of aspiration.
In this way Gerotto Federico S.r.l. becomes the exclusive dealer of the German company RSP GmbH in Italy, directly importing the machines from the mother company and increasing the experience in the field. Through the years, this made it possible to bring about improvements directly to the machine and to realize specific accessories for accelerating and enhance the operations.


Due to the success and the increasing interest in this innovative and multi-functional system, the company creates a specific department for the commercialization, the provision of aspiration services and the complete after-sale technical service.

Shortly after, motivated by its spirit of innovation and thanks to the experience gained on the field, Gerotto Federico S.r.l. started to design and realize a totally new range of products: the Mini Excavators. These are remote controlled robots which can arrive where men can’t (ducts, sewers, culverts, etc.), and can be used together with Suction Excavators, Vacuum Trucks and Industrial Aspirators.
Suitable for cleaning operations and reclamations inside confined, narrow and dangerous spaces and in any place with the presence of pollution and toxic substances, the Mini Excavators are available both for rental and for sale.
Always ready to intervene for the safeguard of the safety of the operators during dangerous works, Gerotto Federico S.r.l., starting from 2013, has been developing a series of ATEX certified Mini Robots, that can work in the presence of explosive atmospheres.

The awareness of the extreme importance of safety on the workplace has become the company mission, turning into a slogan which is at the base of every project and realization still today: NO MORE RISK.

Improving the existing products and developing new ones, with an eye to the company mission, is what guides Gerotto Federico S.r.l. today and in the future.

Step by step

There are turning points in every existence

1966 Federico Gerotto founds the artisan enterprise of earthmoving works.

1985 Start of the works of the actual headquarter with the warehouse and the equipment deposit. They will be concluded the following year.

1993 The firm becomes Gerotto Federico S.r.l. and it affirms its own success in the market using the most modern tools for the realization of its workings.

2000 Gerotto Federico S.r.l. becomes RSP GmbH exclusive dealer in Italy for the sale and hire of suction excavators.

2002 Creation of the first Mini Excavators: GATTO, LOMBRICO & BRUCO.

2006 Realization of the first amphibious excavator in Italy, LEM, patented system for cleaning channels, marshes and swampy areas.

2008-2010 Improvement of the existing products and realization of new prototypes to expand the potentialities of the suction excavators (Lavaspyra, Quadra, Mobile bagging machine).

2012- 2013 Introduction of the radio controlled version the Mini Excavators Gatto, Lombrico & Bruco. Realization of the first ATEX certified products, for operations in explosion-risk areas.

2013 The sales network of Gerotto Federico S.r.l. expands abroad with the first contact in Chile. From that moment, dealers for Mini Excavators multiply all over the world.
2014 Collaboration with the Polish company Somar to integrate certified cameras and lights into ATEX equipments, suitable for video inspections in explosion-risk areas.
Production of Mini Excavators with E-Track technology to work in confined spaces.
2015 Increase of the personnel in the Commercial Department and in the Research & Development Department of the company.
2016-today Increase of the personnel in the Commercial Department and in the Research & Development Department of the company.

Gerotto Federico S.r.l 
Via Croce, 26

35011 Campodarsego (PD) Italy

Capitale Sociale i.v.: euro 1.000.000,00
Codice Fiscale e Iscrizione al Registro
delle Imprese di Padova: 00308900281
REA: PD120419
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