GEROTTO's Goals for the Future

“The way forward is clear: on-the-job injuries should never happen!
The only solution is to replace human presence in dangerous places with intelligent machines.
My ambition is to create robots that can manoeuvre the suction hose of the vacuum unit.
High technology and robotics were introduced in the field of industrial maintenance and cleaning, as well as in the construction and digging industry, and this is the moment to develop their potential.
In the future, we’ll have the best equipment to work in conjunction with the well-known brands of Vacuumation equipment, such as Vactor, Super Products, Guzzler, Hi vac, Cappellotto, Koks, Rivard, Disab, RSP, Muller, and many more.
Cheap labour and dangerous environments will no longer be acceptable!
There will be DRONES squads that can work 24/7, always clean, well maintained, tireless, repairable and equipped with GPS for localization, lights and tools for fast repair work and ip68.
The first steps towards this new approach have been taken in the development of machines and in the execution of works, but more needs to be done. What is certain is that all of this will require big investments and continuous research.
Gerotto has decided to take this path and has, among its clients, the major manufacturers of vacuum truck technology and the strongest players in the industrial cleaning sector.
Heavy industries, like steel plants and refineries, have already demonstrated a big interest for the project. It certainly is challenging, but it is supported by a growing need for modernization and simplification in cleaning operations, to make them faster and cheaper.
Increasing the usage of machines in industrial cleaning processes and eliminating or reducing human presence, not only will increase safety levels in the plants, but will also transform variable costs in fixed costs. Performance and countable costs will be easier for the customer to achieve and predict.
As a dear Asian client of mine always says: “If you ask me now if the machines I’m recommending you are perfect and could not get better, well, my answer is NO!!”.
Moreover, Confucius said:
Learning without thinking is useless
Thinking without learning is dangerous.
At the moment, Gerotto is surely the pioneer in this new challenge: the large scale deployment of vacuum tooling. We are and will be followed by many others, which I find motivating, and makes me believe in the growth potential of this innovative and continuously evolving field.”

Alessandro Gerotto

General & Commercial Manager
Gerotto Federico S.r.l.


 Gerotto's Goals for the Future

Gerotto Federico S.r.l 
Via Croce, 26

35011 Campodarsego (PD) Italy

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Codice Fiscale e Iscrizione al Registro
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REA: PD120419
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