Why Gerotto?

Gerotto Federico S.r.l. has a many decades experience in design, construction, maintenance and refurbishment of road works, waterworks and drainage works, maritime and excavation works. The company lust for facing new challenges and meeting the very choosy and variable market requirements, have ensured that, from 2000, Gerotto Federico S.r.l. could become RSP GmbH’s exclusive dealer for Suction Excavators in Italy.

Indeed… good results, achieved in the last few years, ensured how this choice was successful. At the moment Gerotto Federico S.r.l. has a widespread presence of machinery all around the country thank to his sale and hire out service and 24-hour support. Gerotto Federico Srl owns the most powerful machinery currently in the world market, as shown by the very recent presentation of the new 43.000 m3/h triple turbine ESE 32 3VK Suction excavator.

Mainly because of hard sustained work done in the last few years, Gerotto Federico S.r.l. could test and experiment these machinery in many occasions and different types of work, guaranteeing its experience and machinery know how to the costumers. Our customer service is fast, efficient and covers the whole country. We also have a furnished spare parts warehouse available to the Customer to guarantee your Suction Excavator functionality, whenever and wherever you need.

Suction Excavator success comes up as a result of an unlimited research of innovation and development, always focusing on environmental problems. From the experience Gerotto gained using Suction Excavators and thanks to the constant collaboration with RSP GmbH, in the last few years many expedients improved both machinery and accessories designed for accelerating works.

That is why Miniexcavators arise: they are remote controlled accessories that, if used in combination with Suction Excavators, Vacuum Trucks, Industrial Aspirators, can operate in unapproachable places such as sewage systems, sewers, small tunnels…

Mini excavators can be both remote and radio controlled; they are particularly recommended for works and reclaiming activities in confined, narrow and dangerous spaces with high risk of contamination. Gerotto Federico S.r.l. has a vast range of miniexcavators on stock ready both for hire out service and for sale. They are definetely suitable for environmental remediation, industrial cleaning, mining operations and under conveyors cleaning activities.

Decades experience in design, construction & maintenance

Gerotto Federico S.r.l 
Via Croce, 26

35011 Campodarsego (PD) Italy

Capitale Sociale i.v.: euro 1.000.000,00
Codice Fiscale e Iscrizione al Registro
delle Imprese di Padova: 00308900281
REA: PD120419
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