Mini Excavators - FAQ

Where are Mini Excavators assembled? And which is the main market?
Mini Excavators are Gerotto products and they are directly made in the company storehouse.
They are sold Worldwide.
Can they be combined only with Suction Excavators?
They are designed to be combined with Suction Excavators, but they are also suitable to work with Vacuum Trucks and Vacuum Dry Aspirators. They can also be autonomously utilized due to remote controlled guaranteed by an hydraulic external system. In the last few years new radio controlled Mini Excavators were designed, assembled and produced.
Do Mini Excavators need operators?
Some of them, such as Gatto Mini Excavator, could be controlled by operator, obviously where work conditions allow the operator to work safely. Some other Mini Excavators, such as Bruco and Lombrico, are remote controlled and also video controlled at a safe distance. They are recommended for confined spaces, polluted areas and Atex zones. There are some new totally radio controlled Mini Excavators, such as Gatto RC, Mining Dozer RC, Lombrico RC Bruco RC.
Can they be combined with Vacuum Truck?
Of course, a new model was designed and assembled suitable with Vacuum Truck and 150mm hose diameter. Furthermore they can be combined to Vacuum Dry Aspirators and to any Aspirator Trucks in general.
Could Mini Excavators have a squared hose disposition?
Yes, Mini Excavators hose predisposition can have different sizes and dimensions, depending on customer’s needs.
Are Mini Excavators suitable with other Suction Excavators brands?
Mini Excavators are suitable with all Suction Excavators brands.
Are Mini Excavators suitable with every Vacuum Truck?
Gerotto Micro Excavators can be used by every Vacuum Truck or Vacuum Dry Aspirator, such as Cappellotto, Moro, Longo, Jurop, Disab, Eur-mark, Rivard, Huver, Assmann, Kroll, Vac-ex, Amphitec, Kaiser, holzmann, Vactor, Hi-vac, Vermeer, Ditch Witch.
Are Mini Excavators sold all over the world?
Yes, they are already being sold worldwide.
In which fields are Mini Excavators mainly used?
Mini Excavators were initially realized to help Suction Excavator works in confined spaces. In the last few years they evolved and were perfected. They can both be remote controlled or totally radio controlled to work without any risk. This process of enhancement brought Mini Excavators to work in Atex zones, where there is a real risk of explosion. Furthermore they are able to work in contaminated areas where there might be highly aggressive agents and where man presence is strictly forbidden.
Do you have any examples of recent works?
Mini Excavators are used for pipes, sewers and canals cleaning operations. They are strongly suggested for anaerobic digesters and silos reclamation, removal and reactivation activities. They can get into narrow spaces and restricted areas, where man presence is not even recommended. Some of them are suitable to work in Atex zones, where there is a high risk of explosion. They are highly suggested for industrial and mining cleaning operations such as under belts cleaning.

Suction Excavator - FAQ

What is the Suction Excavator?
It's an equipment, mounted on a normal frame with 2, 3 or 4 axles, and it works like a "drum vacuum cleaner". It's endowed with one or more turbines generating an air stream of up to 44,000 m3/h and a maximum depression of 55,000 Pa. The sucking pipe has a 250 mm diameter. Works are easily made and in safe conditions thanks to Suction Excavator use, which stands in for old and dangerous work methods. Machinery guarantees works at safe distance and even in confined spaces and no man entry areas.
Up to what distance and depth can it suck?
The Suction Excavator allows to suck up to 50 ms in length and up to 30 ms in depth.
How many cubic metres per hour does it suck?
In optimal situation, the machine can suck up to 30 cubic metres per hour.
What kind of material can it suck?
The system and the power of sucking can suck all types of material: solid, liquid and muddy. The effectiveness of filtering system allows the sucking of dusty materials reducing environmental impact.
How does the Suction Excavator work?
Operation principle is that of traditional drum vacuum cleaner. A 44,000 m3/h air flow with a maximum depression of 55,000 Pa, that carried
in a 250 mm pipe, has the power to suck any type of muddy, liquid or solid material.
In which work can be used the Suction Excavator?
The following are only some of the multiple uses of the Suction Excavator: 
- Replacement of pipes and fittings
- Pipe bursts
- Renovation and new laying of gas-, water-, cable-, district heating and waste disposal pipelines
- Road scarification
- Railway trackside maintenance and repair
- When using ground displacement rockets
- Clearing away environmental damage
- Replacing contaminated soil around the roots of trees
- Renovation and demolition work
- Removing gravel from flat roofs
- Cleaning blocked street gutters and gullies
- Use in connection with horizontal boring units
- Vacuuming up foliage
- Underground construction work
- Replacement of contaminated soil 
Which are the advantages in the use of the Suction Excavator?
The Suction Excavator is faster and more efficient in excavation compared to traditional open cut methods, it increases the operational safety and reduces the excavation size and subsequent costs. The vacuum technology is approved in  contaminated ground and in the presence of existing infrastructure.
What is QUADRA?
It is a very powerful Suction Excavator which combines water jet with traditional aspiration power. It assembles a 4000 lt water tank connected to  piston gun through a hose. Quadra also have Lavaspyra accessory and is able to transport material with ADR certification.
What is Lavaspyra?
It is an accessory combined with Suction Excavator able to deeply wash road surface and big areas, such as piers or industrial squares. System allows deep cleaning with an excellent result and minimum water consumption.
Which kind of works can Lavaspyra fulfill?
It is mainly used for cleaning roads, squares, runways and taxyways, piers and harbours. It is definitely recommended when floods and landslips occur.
What is Mobile Bagging Machine?
It is a special trailer used in combination with Suction Excavator. Mobile Bagging Machine sucks material and conveys it directly in Big Bags. Employee works safely because he only has to control operations at safe distance. In this way contaminated material can be treated with no man exposition.
Why is Suction Excavator more expensive than a normal Vacuum Truck?
Suction Excavator sucks material using dry aspiration. Vacuum Truck needs a huge amount of water to aspire material: in this way working time and disposal costs increase drastically.

Services - FAQ

Is sell service spread all over Italy?
Yes, Gerotto Federico S.r.l. guarantees sell service all over Italy, selling both new and used Suction Excavators. Gerotto is the Italian exclusive dealer for RSP GmbH.
Is hire out service spread all over Italy?
Hire out service both concerning Suction Excavator and Mini Excavators is offered to Public Authority, companies and factories all over Europe. The rent of the Suction Excavator includes a skilled operator; alternatively Mini Excavators could be with operator or not.
Does Gerotto Federico S.r.l. offer customer assistance?
Customer service operates 24/7 and all over Italy to fix malfunctions and breakdowns and for maintenance and servicing. Gerotto Federico S.r.l. storehouse is officially authorized by RSP GmbH, which yearly organizes refreshed courses attended by Gerotto technicians due to Suction Excavator continue evolution.
Does Gerotto furnish spare parts?
Yes, Gerotto Federico S.r.l. has a furnished storehouse with original spare parts ready to be quickly sent all around Italy.
Where can I practically observe Suction Excavators at work?
Everybody could come and visit Gerotto Company in Campodarsego (Padua), where both new and used Suction Excavators could be carefully
observed at work. Otherwise there is the possibility to observe them at work in site. Gerotto Federico S.r.l. does not only sell Suction Excavators but daily uses them to sewers cleaning operations, gas and water channels reparations, predrill, environmental reclamations, industrial and harbour cleaning.
How long does it take to get even after having bought a Suction Excavator?
Working in Italy it almost takes three years.
Do you offer a consulting service?
Yes, Customer, especially straight after purchase, is guided by our team both for technical application and hire out services.
Is Suction Excavator an ecologic Truck?
It can be considered an ecologic truck because dry aspiration allows no emission in the atmosphere, conveying all material in the load area.
New Trucks, such as QUADRA, can transport material with ADR certification.
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