Evolution in aspiration: Gerotto’s Mini Excavators


Gerotto Federico S.r.l. presents its Mini Excavators, robots designed and realized by the company to perform totally safe aspiration works from a safe distance.


Resulting from a long experience in the vacuum aspiration field at an international level, the Gerotto Mini Excavators are the example of the ingenuity and all-Italian experience of the Campodarsego company. 

The commitment of Gerotto Federico S.r.l. has always focused on the design of machines that could replace human presence in confined spaces or environments with explosion or toxic emissions risk.

Suction Excavators, due to their big dimensions, can’t always reach narrow spaces where manual labour is prohibited, for this reason Gerotto decided to create a product that could be controlled from a safe distance, thanks to hydraulic distributors and/or remote controls, and that could remove material in a safe way, without risks for the operator.

Starting from 2002, the first Gerotto Mini Excavators were then produced: Lombrico, Gatto and Bruco. Used together with Suction Excavators, Vacuum Trucks or Industrial Aspirators, they allow a totally safe removal and transport of the material.
In that moment, the potentialities of these robots became clear:
• reduction of manual labour and of working time
• excellent manoeuvrability
• possibility of working in confined spaces, avoiding man entry
• minimal environmental impact
• no interruption of coexistent works

In the following years, Lombrico and Gatto were used for many purposes: ducts and sewers cleaning, debris removal, aspiration of waste material from agriculture and industries, and many other applications.
Moreover, many variations were created for different purposes, equipped with buckets, suction noses, cutting heads and hoses with different diameters.

Both Lombrico and Gatto have also been produced in their Atex version, suitable for working in potentially explosive areas. Thanks to this certification it was possible to extend the application fields of Gerotto’s robots to the cleaning of storage tanks in refineries, of steel plants, of harbour areas and silos.
The constant attention for the various needs of the customers and the development of the technology of the mini robots, made it possible for the initial prototypes to evolve, reaching the whole range of products presented now by Gerotto.
The mini robots are equipped with tracked undercarriages, to easily move on every kind of surface, and with customizable accessories (cameras, lights, water nozzles, etc.) to be more and  more performing  and suitable to the needs of every single customer.




Suitable for aspiration in pipes and confined spaces.

Suitable to work in confined spaces, underground tunnels and siphons.

Designed for ducts and sewers cleaning operations.
Suitable for safely cleaning tanks, ducts and collectors.

Ideal to clean pipes with a minimum diameter of 450 mm.

Created for working in mines and unade conveyor belts cleaning.

Suitable for mining activities in confined spaces.
Electric platform suitable for works in confined environments.
Created  for safe digging in the presence of underground non-removable pipes.

Suitable to remove mud and debris from the bottom of underwater environments.

For custom miniexcavators.


Technical files

 Mini Excavators brochure


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