Miniexcavator AIR DIGGER

AIR DIGGER is a low impact excavator which uses vacuum technology and compressed air with a special multi-stage vacuum pump.

Particularly suitable for safe excavations in explosion risk areas and in confined areas where there are gas pipes, water pipes, mains electricity, telephone networks and other underground non-removable pipes. 
AIR DIGGER sucks the excavated material through a pipe from 4" and places it inside a case with a capacity of 1000 lt. The air passes through another case, after then through a filter and blown back into the environment. 
AIR DIGGER with the high pressure vacuum may suck various materials, such as steel flakes, earth, stones, sand, chips of various kinds, mud, etc..; 
The discharge of the collected materials is simply done by opening the door which is located below the suction inlet. 
AIR DIGGER is mounted on a rubber dumper trucks or trucks or a pick-up. 
AIR DIGGER requires occasional maintenance. 
Not having an internal combustion engine or mechanical parts in motion, it is only necessary to clean the air filter occasionally (depending on the degree of use and material aspirated), which is housed inside the strong steel frame. It is recommended to clean the pre-filter using compressed air before and after each use.
- Safe operation in Gas/Dust explosion risk areas 
- Very quick Return on investment 
- High degree of vacuum / under pressure 
- High volume of aspirated material 
- High strength to penetrate the ground 
- Easy to transport and to move 
- Low maintenance requirements 
- Low noise level 
- No harmful emissions into the environment 
- No interruption of services (water, gas, electricity) during digging operations 


- Nominal compressed air pressure 7 Bar 
- Compressor Air Flow 7.000 lt/min 
- Noisel level 76 dBA 
- Operating temperature -10°C ÷ 80°C 
- Max vacuum -75 (kPa) / -0,75 (Bar) 
- Suction Air Flow 2.000 [m3/h] 
- Air Speed inside suction hose 4” 70 [m/s] – 250 [km/h] 
- Compressor connection Nr.1 x 1-1/2" 
- Diameter of suction pipe 100 mm / 4"
- Total filtering surface 7,5 [m2]
- Lenght 1600 mm / 5,25 ft
- Width 900 mm / 2,95 ft
- Height 1300 mm / 4,27 ft
Compressor not included


Gerotto Federico S.r.l 
Via Croce, 26

35011 Campodarsego (PD) Italy

Capitale Sociale i.v.: euro 1.000.000,00
Codice Fiscale e Iscrizione al Registro
delle Imprese di Padova: 00308900281
REA: PD120419
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