Amphibious Excavator LEM

Self-propelled improved raft  amphibious type to operate on marshes and swampy areas.
LEM is a patented amphibious vehicle; it is a raft supported by two Archimedean screws to allow main movements. Screws are appropriately motorized and, thank to differentiated drive, allow steering for shipping over water (no rudder).
LEM moves easily on solid land, but also on muddy or swampy areas where there is not necessarily enough water for floating.
Raft can be set up with different operating machinery depending on work to realize, first of all arm excavator with bucket.
It is clear how its features and its versatility make LEM particularly suitable for operations such as  canals and irrigation ditches cleaning or even banks recovery or all those situations where normal wheels or tracked machinery are not usable.
This amphibious vehicle can be very useful for civil protection interventions. Maneuvering controls are easily accessible from driving seat which is set in the middle of the raft.