Miniexcavator LOMBRICO for no man entry

Mini Robot for safety distance aspirations with Vacuum Trucks, Suction Excavators and Industrial Vacuum Cleaners with any diameter of aspiration.

Gerotto Lombrico is a totally radio controlled mini excavator very appropriate for under conveyors, mining and confined spaces operation.
The Miniexcavator Gerotto Lombrico is a tracked excavator remote controlled from outside, equipped with a suction tube connected to a suction excavator. 
Gerotto Lombrico is equipped with hydraulic control unit, coiler, and remote controlled plant with video control. 
This Miniexcavator is used mostly to suck settled material in pipelines with a diameter larger than 80cm as sewage pipelines, manifolds and tunnels.
Example of the cleaning of a pipe
First of all the Suction Excavator cleaned part of the pipe of mud and road surfaces debris to place the Miniexcavator Gerotto Lombrico. 
It was able to clean completely the pipe suctioning the material directly in the truck container.
The Lombrico, as all Gerotto mini robots, can be customized. For instance we can mount an hose of 250 mm which is suitable for Suction Excavators or an hose of 150 mm diameter which is fitted for vacuum truck.


- Length: 1.500 mm / 5 ft
- Height: 500 mm / 20’’
- Width: 450 mm / 18’’
- Total weight: 300 kg / 660 lb
- Ø 150/250 mm (Ø6’’/10’’)

 Lombrico Ø150 mm
 Lombrico Ø 250 mm
 Optionals for Lombrico
 Heavy Duty Video Inspection and Control
 Mini Excavators