Miniexcavator MINING GATTO

Mining Gatto is a Mini Excavator intended for mining operations, especially in confined spaces such as tunnels down to a dimension of 1,5 mt..

Mining Gatto has fully hydraulic transmission. It is equipped with a heavy duty arm and cutting head (which can be replaced with a hydraulic hammer or a bucket) to crush material into pieces. The material is loaded on the conveyor belt thanks to the chute placed on the lower part of the machine, then carried into the dumpers that remove it from the tunnel.
Mining Gatto can be powered by a silenced water cooled diesel engine (24,5 Kw) or by an electric engine (connected to a power supply).
The operator drives the robot from the seat placed behind the excavator arm.
Mini Excavator Mining Gatto has been designed to reduce as much as possible the dimensions and to allow operator exit from machine inside channel.


- Height 1400 mm  / 4,60 ft
- Width 900 mm  / 2,95 ft
- Weight 1950 kg / 4300 lb
 Optionals for Mining Gatto
 Mining Gatto