Anaerobic digesters use organic waste to produce biogas. To maintain an efficient digestion process, preventive maintenance activities to the digesters are essential.
Thanks to the usage of Suction Excavators, Gerotto has refined a recovery method that guarantees optimal safety conditions and shortened plant stoppage periods. Moreover it reduces the quantity of digested waste resulting from cleaning operations.

The maintenance of anaerobic digestion plants is done by emptying the digester. Sucking the material with the Suction Excavator is a safe and quick method to empty big reactors in less time compared to traditional methods.

The Suction Excavator is placed outside the digester and sucks the material from the openings. This way the operators work in safe conditions and limit the usage of mechanical means.

Vacuum-cleaning is fulfilled without water and the material is collected in the container of the Excavator, stocking it quickly and safely.

In the second phase of the cleaning, the Suction Excavator is equipped with the Gatto Mini Excavator which uses the bucket to move the material closer to the suction hose. This phase can start when part of the material has been removed and the atmospheric condition inside the digester allow man entry.


- Rapid execution
- Operator in safe position, in protected area
- Remarkable economic saving