In critical situations resulting from floods it's always required  intervention rapidity accompanied by efficiency and safety, in order to ensure to affected populations  a fast return to everyday life and a complete restoration of damaged facilities.
Gerotto Federico srl, R.S.P. GmbH's representative, presents the Suction Excavator type 32/8 with mechanical arm and radio controlled hydraulic moving to the service of Civil Protection.
The suction excavation is an  intervention technique  by now consolidated in Europe. It guarantees high technology and it assures an elevated operation times reduction, cleaning, least encumbrance of the intervention area, and it reduces to the least the environmental impact.
Operation principle, both in smaller (ESE 19 / 5 - 2-axis) and in largest models, is that of "drum vacuum cleaner". A radial turbine produces a 35.0000 cm/h airflow which conveyed in a 250 mm tube  has the power to aspire materials with any kind of consistency, liquid, solid or muddy, up to 30 m of depth and 150 m of length.
Aspirated material is  accumulated into a tipping body; fine particles that remain suspended in the air stream are separated through a filters series and therefore the air returns into the atmosphere clean.
The dry aspiration is guaranteed by a powerful airflow and it allows to work in absence of cleaning systems that use high-pressure water.
Aspirated material, and so disposal material, will have a solid consistency reducing disposal costs and in the same time performing a work quickly and at state of the art. Application fields, as can be easily deduced, are the most varied and very diverse among themselves.
We want, in this occasion, to introduce the important contribution that these machines have done in cleaning operations and putting back in order of roads, buildings, basements, channels on the occasion of flood  occurred in Switzerland, in the towns of Uri and Altdorf, in August 2005.
In critical situations resulting from floods is always required rapid intervention accompanied by efficiency and safety, in order to ensure to affected populations a fast return to everyday life and a complete restoration of damaged facilities.
Suction Excavator is a very high technology machine that assures all this and its intervention is therefore fundamental in many situations related to Civil Protection.
Near the most hit localities by the flood in 2005, gathered Suction Excavators coming from Italy and from abroad.
Scenario was presented to our eyes very worrying: large areas still submerged by flood, basements and roads covered with mud, debris, branches, shrubs and every kind of waste, destroyed cars, fell trees.
Thanks to the synergy created among our operators, Civil Defence and Army, it was possible to lead as quickly and effectively as possible all the cleaning operations.
Suction Excavators use allowed to minimize manual work and guaranteed the carrying out of all the operations under constant safety conditions; moreover this technology is not injurious for structures as the sole force involved is airflow one.
Whole basements, that the flood had completely filled with sediments and every type of garbage, have been emptied in record times. Help of some small mechanical excavators, carrying the material toward the mouth of the aspiration pipe, made it possible to speed up further the workings.
The machine remains outside of the buildings and therefore there is no need of any precaution for recirculation of  in closed environments.
The aspiration pipe, extended as needed and inserted also in narrow spaces, allows to reach places not accessible to normal means of earth moving and restricted to personnel too.
But this is not all! All water drainage systems were by then to the collapse, obstructed and therefore ineffective.
The excavation technology by aspiration for years has been tested for cleaning of wells, drains and road gutters,  for maintenance of road drain nets, and also in this case we verified and demonstrated its rapidity and efficiency.
The intervention moreover interested main sewers assuring therefore their reactivation. The passwords that always accompany our interventions are: innovation, security, cleaning, speed, collaboration, minimal environmental impact.




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