Gerotto Federico S.r.l. designs UNMANNED MINIEXCAVATORS available to customers who need under conveyors or mining cleaning.
GEROTTO UNMANNED MINIEXCAVATORS are suited to work in ATEX zone 0 and zone 1.
Those MINI EXCAVATORS co-operate with Suction Excavators, Vacuum Trucks and Industrial Vacuum Aspirators. GEROTTO MINI EXCAVATORS are remote controlled by operator working at a safe distance!
MINI EXCAVATORS could be also totally radio controlled up to 100 m distance.
Mining Sites present many secondary problems that, if ignored, may cause production interruptions or, even worse, system malfunctions or breakdowns.
Main aim of Gerotto Mini Excavators is to face and solve those problems with quick manoeuvres, at safe distance and saving work time.
Gerotto Mini Excavators could easily clean and remove material under conveyors and in confined and underground spaces.
These Gerotto products could also load any kind of material, even contaminated, and safely carry it around the plant with operators at safe distance.
Gerotto Mini Excavators have the perfect dimensions to get in narrowest spaces.
Gerotto recommended Mini Excavators are: Mining dozer RC, Bruco RC or normal, Lombrico RC or normal with Ø 150, 200 or 250 mm predisposition to work in combination with Suction Excavators, Vacuum Trucks or Vacuum Dry Aspirators.



 Under Conveyors & Mining Cleaning
 Underpot Cleaning Equipement