UST Cleaning

Gerotto FTC (Fuel Tank Cleaning) ROV ATEX zone 0 is a fully remote controlled mini robot created for underground storage tanks remediation full of pyrophoric material and fuel residuals.
It is Certified ATEX zone 0 and it can be connected to an external equipped truck for power, driving ROV and following operation through a monitor. There are no operators inside the tank guaranteeing safety at every stages.
It can be placed inside a UST throughout a man-way Ø 450 mm.
FTC ROBOT operates using these three functions:
- High pressure washing
- Sludge and oily deposit suction
- Chemical product spraying
Water is sprayed with a pressure of 200 bar allowing deep accurate cleaning. Sludge collected on the bottom after spraying operation is sucked and conveyed through a 100 mm hose to a truck placed in a safe area.
All operations are recorded using an Atex zone 0 system composed of camera and led.