The Suction Excavator is the most suitable means for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of industrial areas, platforming and topping plants, and refineries. 

Its strong points are the safety and speed of operations, which are important to limit the stoppage of the plant.
The removal of the material with the suction technology permits a continuous recycling of air that, being filtered, guarantees the maximum safety for the operators.
The Suction Excavator doesn’t use water to suck, so the quantity of material to dispose of is smaller compared with the quantity produced with the traditional method.

In no man entry areas it is possible to use RC Mini Excavators also for Atex Zone 0 and Zone 1. In oil plants, they can remove refractory material and sand-blasting sands, and can clean catalysts.

In case of accidental spillage of dangerous products, the Suction Excavator can quickly intervene and remove the pollutant for an efficient recovery of the area.


- Operator in safe position, in protected area
- Workings also in Atex Zone 0 and Zone 1
- Safe cleaning operations, no plant stoppage