Road-Rail Vehicle

Road-Rail Vehicle

The road-rail vehicle is equipped with a high-speed single fan with air flow up to 32.000 m³/h and max depression up to 21.000 Pa.

The fan is directly flange-connected to a hydraulic motor connected to the hydraulic pumps of the road-rail equipment. The air flow generated by the fan is concentrated in the rear hose (diameter 250 mm) and can move any kind of material (solid, liquid, mud).
The maximum length of the suction hose is 5,50 m, but it can be extended up to a few dozen metres, depending on the work that has to be done. The suction hose is supported by a hydraulic telescopic arm, provided with a security system that limits the rotating and vertical movements, thus avoiding collisions with power lines or other vehicles.
The capacity of the collection container is of approximately 3,50 m³ and the discharge is lateral. Discharging operations can also be made from the rail and in the presence of electrified lines. The machine is equipped with an air filtering system (in the front side of the container) that holds fine dusts.


- Max length: 8,60 m
- Width: 2,50 m
- Max height of the container during discharge on rail: 4,20 m
- Max height while driving on rail: 3,329 m
- Distance between the 2 axes of the rail: 4390 mm
- Diameter of the rail wheels: 470 mm
- Gauge: 1435 mm
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