Gerotto Federico S.r.l. operates all over the country with Suction Excavators sale and hire out services. Gerotto Federico S.r.l. is always close to the customers, pledging a 24-hour support.

Gerotto Federico S.r.l. was the first company in Italy using Suction Excavator Technology. 

For over 15 years it’s active in developing and promoting this innovative technology that guarantees remarkable advantages compared to traditional techniques. 

Reliability and experience are the distinctive elements that drove the Company to become RSP GmbH’s exclusive dealer for Suction Excavators in Italy.

The lust for competition in the dynamic and difficult excavation market, pushes the Company to be constantly on the lookout for innovative and advanced solutions.

Innovation and development are guaranteed by the wide expertise that Gerotto Federico S.r.l. has reached in Suction Excavators design and application field.

Gerotto Federico S.r.l. focuses on his costumer needs and offers a 24-hour support. It provides Suction Excavators sale and hire out services all around Italy.


Gerotto Federico srl