The Electric Lombrico is an ecologically designed and remote control operated electric vehicle, featuring a heavy duty frame and stable track propulsion.
Designed to face the most difficult ground conditions - sloped terrains, sandy, muddy or pebbled areas and small spaces or paths with limited maneuverability, the Electric Lombrico always performs at high standards.


ATEX Products Zone 0 - Zone 1

Atex zone 0 Camera and Led, Atex zone 0 ROV and Atex zone 1 Lombrico. ROV and Lombrico can be combined with Suction Excavators, Vacuum Trucks and Industrial Vacuum Cleaners.

High-Tech Suction Excavators

A versatile solution for operations in intra-urban areas or a particularly large and powerful suction excavator. The first choice for highest suction performances.

GEROTTO's Mini Excavators

A complete range of both remote and radio controlled miniexcavators suitable to work in confined, contaminated and dangerous places.

Used Suction Excavators

We offer a wide range of guaranteed used Suction Excavators, from entry-level to top-level models. Contact us and we will definitely be able to meet your needs for a used Suction Excavator.

New Gerotto e-Track Mini Excavator at Intermat Paris 2015

The new Gerotto e-Track is a battery powered, remote controlled tool.

It’s equipped with double electric track, which is the base of the machine, and the suction configuration which can be connected to suction excavator like RSP machine, but also on the vacuum system, industrial aspirator and dust aspirator.

This electric technology eliminates exhaust gas emission. For this reason it appears the most suitable equipment for closed space work.

Each machine is free to move without any technical obstacle. They can climb stairs and reach areas inaccessible for other machines.