Sewer pipes and tunnels

Leaves, sand, limestone, mud: there are many kinds of debris that can clog up underground closed spaces. Remove them promptly is essential to avoid dangerous obstructions.

Conduits, pipes and culverts require a regular maintenance for the correct drainage of the liquids they transport and to preserve their functioning.

Cleaning these type of environments presents some inconvenience, that have to be considered during the work planning phase: spaces are often hard to reach and extremely narrow, for this reason it is very difficult to remove the debris.

This kind of environments are part of the category of confined spaces, which is particularly dangerous for the operators due to limited range of motion.

The most common interventions in this kind of environments are:

  • unblocking conduits, to eliminate debris of different types and consistency (solid, liquid, muddy);
  • descaling the inner surfaces of the pipes.

Gerotto's solution

Gerotto Federico S.r.l. has designed several Mini Robot Excavators for cleaning pipes, sewers and tunnels: these are machines that facilitate the work of the operator or even replace his presence.

The series of the Lombrico Mini Robots (including the XXS and Shark versions) has specifically been produced for aspiration inside conduits considered dangerous for operators (no man entry), whereas the Gatto Mini Robot Excavator, equipped with a mechanical arm and a bucket, is used in situations where man entry is allowed.

The Dozer RC and the Easy Dozer are the best solution in order to remove mud and gravel in spacious tunnels. Thanks to their remote-controlled shovels, they can lift and move even the heaviest debris.  

In case it is necessary to avoid gas emissions, Gerotto has also created the E-Track series, radiocontrolled Mini Robot Excavators mounted on an electric platform, ideal to move in areas with limited maneuverability.