Tanks and basins

To ensure the maximum efficiency and durability of big silos containing fluids, effluent, gases and dusts, it is necessary to constantly and accurately maintain them with mini robots that can work in very narrow spaces or in environments with dangerous emissions.

Tanks and basins are containers with different shapes and dimensions that can be both underground or overground and contain the most diverse materials: water, petrol, fuel, mud, dusts, etc.

A periodic and planned emptying of these environments, with the consequent removal of debris from the bottom and the inner surfaces, guarantees a long lasting efficiency of the plants.

However, these are confined spaces, often without adequate ventilation and with very limited space for entry.

Interventions for cleaning operations inside the tanks include the elimination of:

  • deposits of bituminous material (in the case of storage tanks in refineries), mud (in water collection tanks) or sand (in decanting basins);
  • encrustations or dirt layers on the walls, such as the ones that can be found in the cylindrical tanks of the fuel stations.

Gerotto's solution

For every kind of tank, Gerotto has designed and produced specific Mini Robot Excavators, that allow operators to work at a safe distance:

  • Tank Cleaners (Lombrico ATEX and Gatto ATEX), suitable for cleaning storage tanks in explosion risk areas;
  • Dozer RC, a remote controlled mini loader that conveys muddy deposits towards a suction machine (Suction Excavator, Vacuum Truck, ecc.);
  • FTC-NME (Fuel Tank Cleaning - No Man Entry), ATEX certified machine created for washing the inner surfaces of cylindrical fuel tanks.