Underground utility mains

In case of maintenance works or laying of new infrastructure in the presence of underground mains, preserving the exhisting pipes is indispensable.

Excavation in areas with services such as sewers, electricity or heating systems, means dealing with the intricate network of pipes for the transport of liquids, gases and cables of various kinds present in the underground of the cities. 

To proceed in the most correct way, avoiding the risk of damaging the pre-existing underground utility mains, it is necessary to carry out a safe excavation by suction; the operation involves the breaking up of the ground by means of compressed air lances and the subsequent suction of the resulting material.

Gerotto's solution

The system adopted by Gerotto Federico S.r.l. for excavations in the case of underground utilities, it guarantees:

  • shorter working times;
  • possibility to reach even very narrow places;
  • greater safety for the operators involved in the excavation;
  • preservation of the existing infrastructure.

Gerotto's Air Digger is a Mini Excavator that, attached to a Suction Excavator, safely suctions the ground without damaging the pipes, which never come in direct contact with the excavator.