Frequently Asked Questions

Mini Excavators

Some Mini Robot Excavators can be maneuvered with the operator on-board, if the working conditions allow it. Other models are remote controlled through a hydraulic distributor or a radio-remote control, and can be equipped with cameras and lights.

Mini Robot Excavators are designed and manufactured by Gerotto Federico S.r.l., which realizes them directly in its headquarters in Campodarsego (Italy).

Most Mini Robot Excavators have been designed to be used together with the Suction Excavator or Vacuum Trucks, even with a suction hose smaller than Ø250 mm [10’’].

Some models, for example the Dozer RC or the Mining Gatto, are not connected to any suction hose and can be maneuvered autonomously.

With both RSP GmbH and MTS GmbH models.

Gerotto’s Mini Robot Excavators are compatible with all brands of Vacuum Trucks, such as: Cappellotto, Moro, Longo, Jurop, Disab, Eur-mark, Rivard, Huver, Assmann, Kroll, Vac-ex, Amphitec, Kaiser, holzmann, Vactor, Hi-vac, Vermeer, Ditch Witch, Guzzler, Koks.