The Tank Cleaner system according to Gerotto

It's called 20ft Solution and it's the first big-dimension container, complete with all the components of a tank cleaning system and placeable in ATEX Zone 1.

Product news

We are fascinated by challenges, for this reason, when a customer presents us a problem, we immediately get to work to solve it.
In this specific case, we were asked to create a system to allow our ATEX Zone 0 Lombrico Tank Cleaner to be controlled by operators in total safety, from a command station that could be placed in ATEX Zone 1. So the main issue was to develop a solution which could group together all the components of the Tank Cleaner system in a big-dimension container, instead of two separate units, as done until today.

This is how Gerotto's Research & Development team has developed its latest production: it's called 20ft Solution and it is the first container completely customized on the customer's needs: a product destined to become the top-of-the-edge in the field of tank cleaning, equipped with:

  • a removable power pack (to allow placing the container in ATEX Zone 1);
  • a hose reel for a 80 m [262 ft] long hose;
  • a space for storing 1000 lt of diesel;
  • many accessories for the Tank Cleaner robot, to improve its performance.

The possibility of placing a single command unit directly in the ATEX Zone nearer to the Tank Cleaner robot, makes the operator's work safer and more efficient, also allowing a faster set up of the work sites.