Air Digger

Mini Excavator which uses vacuum technology and compressed air with a special multi-stage vacuum pump.

Confined space - The product can be used inside closed environments, where human work is not  normally contemplated.

Dig safe - The product allows to dig safely, avoiding damages to underground utility mains.


Air Digger is a Mini Excavator developed by Gerotto Federico S.r.l. for carrying out safe excavations in confined areas where there are gas pipes, water pipes, mains electricity, telephone networks and other underground non-removable pipes.

The excavated material passes through a pipe with a diameter of 100 mm [4"] and is collected inside a container with a capacity of 1000 lt. The air passes through another compartment, where it is filtered and blown back into the atmosphere.

Thanks to the high pressure vacuum, Air Digger can suck up various kinds of materials (steel flakes, earth, stones, sand, chips of various kinds, mud, etc.), which are then discharged by simply opening the door which is located below the suction inlet. 

Why choose it

There are many advantages in using Air Digger:

  • safety for operators in dangerous areas;
  • high volume of aspirated material;
  • easy to transport and to move; 
  • low maintenance requirements; 
  • low noise level; 
  • no harmful emissions into the environment; 
  • no interruption of services (water, gas, electricity) during digging operations.