Easy Dozer

The remote controlled mini wheel loader suitable for removing debris in building yards and tanks.

Confined space - The product can be used inside closed environments, where human work is not  normally contemplated.

No man entry - The product can be used in hazardous areas, avoiding human entry.


Easy Dozer is Gerotto's mini wheel loader designed for sludge and debris removal also in very narrow spaces, in building yards and tanks.

Initially it was made to be controlled by an operator onboard, but Gerotto has increased its functions by adding the possibility to remote control it. Thanks to these two interchangeable modes it is possible to choose how to control Easy Dozer, depending on the risk level of the work to carry out.

Moreover, it is possible to install two more options on the machine:

  • a gas detector, to find out the presence of toxic or flammable gases;
  • a muffler with water purifier, to reduce emissions and limit the smokiness of engine exhaust gases.
Why choose it

Easy Dozer is equipped with a frontal mechanical arm that can lift up to 150 Kg of material.

The bucket can be changed with, for example, a brass one, to adapt the machine to the removal of different types of materials.

The machine can also work with the wheels immersed in water or mud, allowing a safe removal of material in the most different places, such as cisterns, tanks and drainage culverts.