Tank Cleaning SYSTEM

The Gerotto's System specifically designed for tank cleaning in total safety.


For some kind of asset owner, such as refineries or chemical and pharmaceutical plants, cleaning their storage tanks is an essential activity, which can have an effect on the quality of their final products.

Starting from this assumption, Gerotto has developed a specific range of products for NO MAN ENTRY Tank Cleaning: we are talking about remote controlled Robots that can be connected to suction machines, such as Vacuum Trucks and pumps, capable of reaching the most narrow spaces, where men can't arrive, or better, should not arrive because of the dangerous working environment.

This Robot can be equipped with multiple accessories in order to accurately remove sediment of every kind and consistency: viscous, oily, liquid or even solid.

Moreover, the Tank Cleaner is the perfect tool for ATEX Zones, since Gerotto obtained the Atex production quality management system certification from TÜV SÜD 

The System is completely customizable during the production process, the customer can decide how to configure the robot, the operator controls and the power source according to any specific needs. 

The system is composed as follows: 


ATEX Zone 0 certified Lombrico Mini Robot Excavator, suitable to enter inside the tank and perform cleaning operations.


Frontal augers with drums or picks, high flow and high-pressure water tools are only some of the accessories available for the Lombrico S EX-0.

They have been developed to face a multitude of materials that could potentially be found in the working scenario, from heavy and sticky sludges to the lightest products. 


The intrinsically safe camera KTi-7  together with the led light LIL-2 are the most reliable tools in order to inspect and better work in dangerous environments. 

The only waterproof IP69K Zone 0 camera and the most powerful Zone 0 led light in the market (6W or even 12W), are combined with  their Cleaning system against splashes on the camera lens, to always ensure a clean visual. Atex Zone 1 Monitor(s) are positioned on a safe distance so it will be easier for the operator to follow all the robot's movements. 


The Hydraulic Control Unit  ensures 100% No Man Entry operations allowing the operator to drive the Robot from a safe distance, increasing safety, efficiency and productivity. It can be placed in Atex Zone 1 and it can be mounted in a 10ft container, or in a 20ft container, or even on a simple skid frame for easy handling and space limitations


Tanks’ bottoms are often a challenge in terms of traction, pulling force and for the movements of robot themselves, especially for the floating roof tanks: reason why Gerotto offers his strengthened magnetic tracks, ensuring the best traction effects (4950N*) still preserving the integrity of the finest coating.

(*) Tested on a 10mm steel plate with hydraulic oil on it. 


The Gerotto containerized solutions offer enough space for the storage of all the items required on site. Even the suction hose needed to clean a 100m diameter tank can be already stored in the HCU brought on site.

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