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Environmental remediation

Gerotto Solutions provides qualified teams with specific skills and dedicated vehicles to remove contaminated soil or materials. A service with a high level of know-how for safe and decisive interventions.

Experience and technology to deal with complex interventions in all kinds of industrial or civil contexts

Gerotto Solutions chooses and uses the best technologies to perform environmental remediation in case of soil, sludge or dust contamination. Thanks to the integration of suction excavators, robots and vacuun trucks, you can work in confined spaces and Atex zones while meeting the highest safety standards and ensuring maximum productivity and efficiency.


Asbestos Remediation

The removal of this element is a complex operation that must be performed with particular care to preserve the health of operators and prevent contamination of the environment. Gerotto Solutions deals with the removal of asbestos waste by means of suction with a suction excavator and a tried and tested system, consisting of an absolute filter and bagging box with big bags.


Soil Remediation

There are many reasons why a pollutant may contaminate watercourses or surfaces and land adjacent to the spillage: road accidents involving vehicles transporting hazardous substances, leaks from pipes in industrial plants, and ruptures or failures of wastewater collection tanks. The suction of pollutants by means of suction technology has proven to be the most effective and quickest method to intervene in the remediation of contaminated sites.


Industrial cleaning

Gerotto Solutions offers remediation and extraction services for solid, liquid and dust within all types of industrial and production facilities. Thanks to over 25 years of experience, it is able to meet any challenge within refining plants, glassworks, steelworks, pharmaceutical companies, biogas plants, water treatment plants.


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