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ATEX Products Zone 0 - Zone 1

Atex zone 0 Camera and Led, Atex zone 0 ROV and Atex zone 1 Lombrico. ROV and Lombrico can be combined with Suction Excavators, Vacuum Trucks and Industrial Vacuum Cleaners.

Lombrico XXS

Lombrico XXS is Gerotto's smallest Mini Excavator. It has been designed to enter and clean pipes with a diameter of 450 mm/18''.

Vacuum Trucks

A versatile solution for operations in intra-urban areas or a particularly large and powerful suction excavator. The first choice for highest suction performances.

GEROTTO's Mini Excavators

A complete range of both remote and radio controlled miniexcavators suitable to work in confined, contaminated and dangerous places.

Custom ROVs

Gerotto, pioneer of hands-free vacuum control technology, has developed a complete range of remote controlled robotic Mini Excavators and ROVs.

Used Excavators

We offer a wide range of guaranteed used Suction Excavators, from entry-level to top-level models. Contact us and we will definitely be able to meet your needs for a used Suction Excavator.

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Fuel Tank Cleaner


Mini Bagger

Gerotto „Minibagger“ können als Zubehör an allen gängigen Saugbaggern und Vakuumfahrzeuge verwendet werden.