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ATEX Products Zone 0 - Zone 1

Atex zone 0 Camera and Led, Atex zone 0 ROV and Atex zone 1 Lombrico. ROV and Lombrico can be combined with Suction Excavators, Vacuum Trucks and Industrial Vacuum Cleaners.

Vacuum Trucks

A versatile solution for operations in intra-urban areas or a particularly large and powerful suction excavator. The first choice for highest suction performances.


The Electric Lombrico is an ecologically designed and remote control operated electric vehicle, featuring a heavy duty frame and stable track propulsion.

GEROTTO's Mini Excavators

A complete range of both remote and radio controlled miniexcavators suitable to work in confined, contaminated and dangerous places.

Used Suction Excavators

We offer a wide range of guaranteed used Suction Excavators, from entry-level to top-level models. Contact us and we will definitely be able to meet your needs for a used Suction Excavator.

Suction Gatto

This mini excavator is remote controlled and can reach dangerous areas, thus avoiding the presence of workers and preserving their health.


Munich, 30 May-3 June 2016

Lombrico of Venice


In 2016 Gerotto decided to dedicate the new Lombrico to Venice, to remember its first works done in the Venetian city.