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At Gerotto we take on complex work in vacuuming, industrial cleaning and construction

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Gerotto Robotics

Design and construction of robot Mini Excavators.

Gerotto Trucks

Gerotto Trucks

The suction excavators and industrial vacuum trucks.

Gerotto Solutions

Gerotto Solutions

Contractor for construction and industrial maintenance.

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About Gerotto

What drives our daily work is your safety, always.

Since 1974, we have been promoting research, production and adoption of cutting-edge machinery, which ensure competitive and technical advantages for our customers. Development and innovation are guaranteed by the combined experience of being, at the same time, manufacturers and end users.

Research & Development
Made-in-Italy creativity and talent for international solutions.


Years of R&D


Staff members

A reference point to support clients in their daily work
To innovate is to have a different perspective on the elements of the solution.
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ESG indicators: the roadmap for company growth

An approach based on knowing how to harmonize economic and industrial performance, corporate and social welfare, and environmental protection, for a corporate project that looks to the future of people, the community, and the ecosystem.

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