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The Amphitec V-Force a vacuum truck designed to be extremely versatile: in fact, it is applied for suction, relaunching, high-pressure washing, transporting and unloading of even hazardous fluid material.

Perfect for industrial cleaning

From cleaning industrial pipelines and sewers to vacuuming storage tanks, V-Force machine can tackle any job because of its large tank capacity.


Reason why

An intuitive and easy-to-use medium for broad flexibility

The world of industrial vacuuming requires powerful means capable of vacuuming material from long distances and from different heights or depths. To do this requires suction power, large loading capacity, and a simple and effective user interface.


  • Reliable suction system
  • Versatile
  • User friendly
  • Sustainable
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Shape apice grey-1 - Gerotto
02_pulizia industriale con camion allestiti - autospurgo materiale melmoso

Amphitec industrial vacuum cleaners are designed to increase the productivity of industrial cleaning operations

Industrial maintenance requires tight schedules to minimize plant downtime. The need to work inside refineries, chemical plants, industries and to vacuum different, sometimes, even contaminated materials requires powerful and versatile machines.

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