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Gerotto Trucks


A powerful vacuum truck unit ideal for dry and wet suction of solids and liquids. In suction it reaches distances of up to 100 m for extreme versatility of use.

The Amphitec Vortex is designed for the heavy duty applications in both industry and construction.

Built on a three or four axis chassis, Vortex can be adapted to the customer’s needs through intelligent construction choices with the aim of maximising results and return on investment.


Reason why

An industrial vacuum cleaner built around the needs of its users

The Amphitec Vortex was born from the ability to listen to operators in the industrial cleaning world. The many challenges, the operating environment and the regulations on industrial and environmental cleaning made it possible to design an industrial vacuum cleaner that is effective in its results and intuitive in its use.


  • High suction power
  • Versatility
  • User Friendly
  • Sustainable
Shape apice grey-2 - Gerotto
Shape apice grey-1 - Gerotto

Industrial vacuum cleaners are designed from the specific characteristics of the location in which they are to operate.

Industrial maintenance requires tight schedules to minimise plant downtime. The need to work inside refineries, chemical plants, industries and to vacuum different, sometimes even contaminated materials requires powerful and versatile machines.

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