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Lombrico X FTC Ex-0

The specific Atex Zone 0 certified solution for periodic cleaning of underground diesel or petrol tanks. Ex Marking:

II 1G Ex h IIB T4 Ga

01_Lombrico X FTC Ex 0 fuel tank cleaning technology atex zone 0 certified
Confined spaces:can be used within confined or hazardous environments, where humans are not normally foreseen.
No man entry:the product can be used in areas so narrow that man cannot pass through.
No man risk:the product does not cause explosions or toxic fumes in the working area.
Atex:certified to work in explosion-hazardous areas, according to European ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU.

Lombrico X FTC Ex-0 (Fuel Tank Cleaning) is a hydraulically operated remotely controlled mini robot

Equipped with an arm with three rotating nozzles that can be adjusted horizontally or vertically by the operator, a bar with nozzles that can be raised and lowered according to operational needs.

Thanks to these nozzles, the robot is able to wash the entire inside surface of the tank through high-pressure water and removes the material through the suction hose.

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Reason why

The Lombrico X FTC Ex-0 degreases, washes, vacuums and inspects the tank during the same process

Thanks to the nozzles and the design of the suction hose, this robot is able to wash the entire inside surface of the tank through high-pressure water and removes all material from the bottom of the tank of whatever shape it is. Before washing, the robot sprays any type of degreasing chemical to facilitate the cleaning of the tank’s internal surfaces.


  • All-in-one solution.
  • Complete tank cleaning.
  • Video inspection of walls.
  • Faster tank turnaround.
Shape apice grey-2 - Gerotto
Shape apice grey-1 - Gerotto
02_Lombrico X FTC Ex 0 robotic solutions for fuel cleaning confined spaces

Lombrico FTC Ex-0 is the specific solution for underground tanks in petrol stations

Its compact dimensions allow it to fit inside 400 [mm] manholes. The arm with rotating nozzles also ensures that every point of interior surfaces can be reached thanks to the optimised ratio of flow rate to nozzle pressure.


Configurazioni su misura in base alle esigenze delle areee di lavoro

Lombrico and Associated Equipment è un sistema completo composto da un robot, un’unità di comando ATEX Zona 1 (Control Unit) e una centralina idraulica (Power Unit), che possono essere combinati insieme a seconda delle esigenze del cliente.

Scegli il robot per la pulizia
Scegli l'unità di controllo
Scegli la centralina
A wide range of optional:

Tracks with magnetic inserts


Rubber Tracks with picks


Rubber tracks


Magnetic tracks


Atex Zone O Gas Detection System


Angle Sensor


Rotating nozzles

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