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Refineries and Terminals

Gerotto’s ATEX Zone 0-certified robots are ideal for removing bituminous sediment from in-plant storage tanks. With compact dimensions, explosion-proof CCTV systems and fully no-man entry technologies, they are a reliable, safe and high-performance solution.

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A range of Atex-certified robotic solutions for working in hazardous confined spaces.

A complete system consisting of an ATEX Zone 0 Lombrico robot, an ATEX Zone 1 control unit, and a hydraulic power pack, which can be combined together as needed. The complete equipment can be set up in two certified 10-foot containers or one certified 20-foot container (both solutions are certified for ATEX Zone 1).

The use of robotic technologies ensures competitive advantages over traditional systems:
- Eliminate or reduce the use of personnel
- Reduce plant downtime
- Increase safety
- Efficient waste disposal processes
Tank Cleaning
Cooling Tower Basins
Containment/ treatment tanks cleaning
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Lombrico S Ex-0

Atex Zone 0 certified robot for cleaning tanks inside refineries and tank terminals.


Lombrico XXS Ex-0

Compact robot certified Atex Zone 0 for industrial reclamation


Lombrico X FTC Ex-0

Atex Zone 0 certified robot specific for cleaning underground diesel tanks.


Lombrico XT Ex-0

Atex Zone 0 certified robot for the removal of sludge and materials inside storage tank.


Lombrico S

No man entry Robot for removing sludge inside tanks and pipes.


Lombrico XXS

Small industrial cleaning no man entry robot for sludge removal in confined spaces


Lobe Bull

Underwater robot equipped with an on-board mounted lobe pump.

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