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Building and Construction

Gerotto is a pioneer in proposing technologies that optimise construction time and increase hourly productivity. Since the early 2000s, he has brought suction excavators to Italy, writing a new chapter in trenchless technologies.

No-dig solutions for the sustainability of civil and industrial construction sites

The coordinated use of suction equipment, such as suction excavators or self-propelled excavators, and mini excavator robots allows Gerotto Solutions to intervene in the demolition and decomissioning of buildings and infrastructure.


Suction of rubble

Thanks to its powerful turbines, the suction excavator is ideal for vacuuming up dry material such as rubble and rubble during renovation and demolition work. The possibility of reaching great heights and lengths, by means of extensions and curves, also makes it possible to reach high floors, basements, attics and roofs.


Suction of Ballast

Ballast is a granular material used in railways for laying track sleepers. The maintenance of this infrastructure means that this medium-sized material has to be vacuumed. Suction excavators and vacuum trucks are a fast and effective solution compared to traditional.


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