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Vacuum Robots – Lombrico

Gerotto Lombrico Vacuum Robots  are a range of robotic solutions for industrial cleaning and remediation within confined spaces. Different Control and Power Units command the robots remotely to ensure maximum operator safety. The availability of frontal attachments, tracks, umbilicals and types of set-up allow them to work inside plants, pipelines, tanks and to remove any type of solid, liquid or dusty material.

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Lombrico SP

Lombrico SP è un robot certificato Atex Zona 1 è stato sviluppato per rimuovere fanghi senza la necessità di un escavatore a risucchio o aspiratore industriale.


Lombrico S

No man entry Robot for removing sludge inside tanks and pipes.


Lombrico XXS

Small industrial cleaning no man entry robot for sludge removal in confined spaces


Lombrico XT

Compact and narrow industrial cleaning robot for sludge removal.

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