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01_control unit for remote control of robotic equipment


Control unit

A complete range of solutions to remotely control, both manually and wirelessly, all Gerotto robots also in Atex version. Thanks to cameras and monitors, you can have maximum control and safety in every operation.

Control unit

Skid Frames

Agile and versatile systems, transportable with forklifts and prepared for all types of umbilicals and CCTV system. According to the hose reel, it can accommodate hose reels of 75 [mt], 100 [mt] and 125 [mt]. In addition, Atex Zone 1 (II 1/2/- G Ex h IIB T4 Ga/Gb/-) version with ground system and emergency button and safety lever for hydraulic oil bypass is also available.

02_control unit for remote control of robotic equipment
03_control unit for trailer - Gerotto
Control unit

Road Trailer

Trailer Gerotto is a compact and agile equipment that can be attached to any van or, in the compact version (284X161 [cm]), directly inside a van. The operator can then have a portable system to reduce time on the job site, increasing productivity and performance. Inside features:

  • Industrial cleaning robot with LED and camera system.
  • Control booth with dispenser, monitor and seat.
  • Power unit.
  • Hose reel.
  • Ramps.
Control unit

Atex Zone 1 10 foot Container

Container with Atex II 1/2/- G Ex h IIB T4 Ga/Gb/- marking. The system consists of control room equipped with ergonomic seat with variable height and distance adjustment to controls. Atex Zone 1 certified components (manual distributor, lights and monitor). Customizations are available to accommodate hose reel, hydraulic ramps, compartment to accommodate Atex Zone 0 robot. The container can work – 20°C ≤ T. amb. ≤ +60°C.

05_control unit 10 foot container atex zone 1
Control unit

Atex Zone 1 20 foot Container

Complete system inside consisting of control room and power unit certified Atex (II 1/2/- G Ex h IIB T4 Ga/Gb/-). Inside are manual or joystick monitors for total remote control of the robot. It is possible to customize doors, windows, air conditioning systems ensuring maximum comfort for the operator who can work in safe area. In addition, it is possible to customize the system with setup of spaces for ramps, accessories, hose reels and all the accessories for the use of the robot.

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