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Industrial cleaning

Gerotto Solutions has developed a well-established working method to provide customers with specific know-how, dedicated teams and the most innovative technologies to vacuum all kinds of materials in industrial plants.

Proper maintenance of industrial plants is the best way to ensure their efficiency and productivity over time

Gerotto Solutions is a contractor able to propose effective and innovative solutions, choosing the best technologies and exploiting their qualities to maximise results. The company’s large fleet of suction excavators, self-priming vehicles, mini robots and Rovs allows it to deal with any request, guaranteeing certain timescales and decisive interventions.


Suction escavation

Gerotto’s suction technology is perfect for the removal of processing waste of all kinds (dust, debris, metals, etc.) from production facilities, as it allows them to be cleaned even when the machinery is running, thus optimising maintenance time and costs.


Hydrodinamic Cleaning

Using precision instruments, Gerotto Solutions cleans pipes and tubes from limescale, sediment and mud with high-pressure nozzles, as well as road and industrial surfaces.



The removal of residues and incrustations from the bottom and walls of pipes in industrial plants is indispensable to maintain their proper functioning. Thanks to Gerotto’s suction technology, the cleaning of all types of pipes is handled safely, even in confined spaces where operators cannot enter.


Atex Zone

Carrying out maintenance in an ATEX zone means working in environments with potential explosive atmospheres; this is why Gerotto Solutions adequately trains its operating personnel for such situations and uses equipment specifically for ATEX zones, such as Suction Excavators, Mini-Excavator Robots, cameras and explosion-proof lights.


Automated bagging

When collecting and disposing of special and/or hazardous waste, the Industrial Vacuum team stows it in special sealed big bags. To prevent the material from escaping during the transfer from the suction excavator to the big bag, Gerotto has designed and manufactured special vacuum baggers.


Tank cleaning

The scheduled cleaning of tanks dedicated to the storage of hydrocarbons or hazardous substances, foodstuffs, or materials such as powders and compost, or digesters, is an indispensable practice to ensure the safety of operators working in the plant as well as the quality of the product stored inside.


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