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Food Industry

The safety and high hygienic standards of this industry require precise and effective cleaning and maintenance to enable plants to maintain maximum productivity and high food quality.

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The food industry is a complex sector with multiple processing steps that produce waste or residue that must be removed with cutting-edge tools

The storage of raw materials, the transformation of ingredients into finished products, their packaging and their handling within a production plant are some of the processing steps. Whether in silos for seeds, flour, water, liquids or under conveyor belts, it is easy for explosive and harmful gases to be produced and it is necessary to periodically clean the production lines to prevent accidents, contamination and downtime.

The problems that arise in these plants are usually:
- accumulation of material under conveyor belts
- settling of material at the bottom of silos and tanks
- presence of gases caused by fermentation processes
- presence of flammable dust.
Sylos Cleaning
Tank Cleaning
Containment/ treatment tanks cleaning
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