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What drives our daily work is your safety, always.






Business Unit

Since its foundation, Gerotto has always researched, built and developed tools and working methods to anticipate the new challenges of construction and industry.

Today, the company brings together three different and complementary Business Units: a multidisciplinary know-how for an articulated and complete offer of products and services in material extraction and maintenance of infrastructures and utilities.

Gerotto Robotics designs, manufactures and sells worldwide industrial and tank cleaning robots.

Gerotto Trucks markets RSP suction excavators and Amphitec industrial vacuum cleaners in Italy.

Gerotto Solutions deals with industrial cleaning and the construction and maintenance of underground utilities.

Innovation First

A no-stop innovative approach

The in-house R&D team plays a central role in taking the technological challenges of the industrial world and transforming them into concrete and effective solutions. This approach has allowed us to be among the pioneers in the world of no-man entry robotics to remove people from dangerous spaces and increase the safety of industrial cleaning work.

02_gerotto ricerca e sviluppo
03_robotic tank cleaning solution for a safe no man entry work

The #nomorerisk approach

Entering narrow, dark, often underground spaces at risk of explosion or landslide is not an ideal working condition. Gerotto has understood this and made it its mission, identifying it in a slogan at the basis of every company choice: no more risk. This is how the mini excavator robots were born and continue to evolve, the company’s flagship products used in remediation work, excavation, natural disasters and in areas at risk of explosion (ATEX zones).

People as the basis for growth

Construction and industry are undergoing constant evolution, accelerated by increasing digitisation and automation. Transversal skills are therefore needed both to design new solutions and to operate in the field. Gerotto can count on a team of professionals with figures who are excellences and points of reference, nationally and internationally, for the world of material extraction, trenchless techniques and construction. With an average age of less than 30 years, Gerotto is a dynamic company in continuous acceleration, which has made the synergy between its three Business Units a distinctive value.

04_Gerotto company

Our milestones

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