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Safe digging

Safe digging or trenchless excavation techniques are the future of construction. Trenchless excavators are a high-performance solution to minimise disruption in urban and residential settings, reduce environmental impact and preserve underground utilities and artefacts.

Respect for the environment and context calls for non-invasive technologies that deliver effective results while respecting the environment.

Trenchless excavation techniques are the only alternatives to traditional systems that can perform operations while reducing land consumption, vehicle and personnel use, emissions and optimising site profitability.


Excavations and geognostic investigations

Geognostic investigation is an operation to assess the geological characteristics of a soil by analysing its deep layers. Thanks to our experience in the use of suction excavators, the Gerotto Solutions team carries out the necessary core drilling to check the quality of the soil and detect any contamination without performing invasive excavations in areas, for example, where petrol stations are located.


Excavation in the presence of underground utilities

Pipes that cross the ground to transport electricity, fluids or gas form a dense network that, especially in urban environments, prevents excavation without the certainty of damaging them and blocking their operation. To unearth pipes in operation without causing damage, the procedure adopted by Gerotto involves breaking up the soil with a compressed air lance and subsequent suction with a suction excavator.


Excavations on historical or archaeological sites

In the case of archaeological sites or excavations in the foundations of ancient dwellings, one must be certain that one can perform a safe excavation without risking damage to the structures present. Gerotto’s experience in removing debris and soil using suction technology prevents damage to historic structures quickly and safely.


Root systems

Suction excavators are a perfect tool for safeguarding the root systems of plants when carrying out maintenance work on roads or pavements. The ability to suck up the soil without digging with buckets allows the roots of trees and plants to remain intact.


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