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Powerful and manoeuvrable: the Flex Loader is a roll-off, stand-alone industrial vacuum cleaner that combines high loading capacity with high transportability.

All Amphitec technology on a 20-foot chassis

Ideal for wet and dry vacuuming, the Flex-Loader brings the power and ease of use of other models to a new dimension. The power of the vacuum pump allows you to vacuum up to 100 m,  blowing material function is an optional. 


Reason why

A technology that combines productivity and sustainability

Il Flex Loader è sinonimo di affidabilità, facilità d’uso, elevate prestazioni nel lungo periodo ed efficienza sia per i costi sia per gli aspetti ambientali. Il sistema è stato sviluppato per produrre emissioni ridotte, basso inquinamento acustico e per avere un basso consumo di carburante.


  • User-Friendly
  • Reliable
  • Efficient
  • Powerful
Shape apice grey-2 - Gerotto
Shape apice grey-1 - Gerotto
02_Flex loader vacuum truck aspirazione industriale

Flex-Loader is a powerful and flexible tool for industrial cleaning

The Flex Loader is capable of vacuuming up dry and liquid products such as dust, sand, pebbles, ash, sludge and various liquids, and is also suitable for pumping dry and liquid materials such as cement, steel grit, stones, phosphates, chemical liquids, ash, calcium, oil, slurry, etc.

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    1993-2023: 30 years of RSP
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