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Suction Excavators RSP

For over 20 years, Gerotto Trucks has represented RSP Suction Excavators in Italy and is the brand’s official distributor: a proven partnership that has revolutionised the world of construction and reclamation, making it more sustainable and innovative. The German company’s patented technologies exploit air as a vector to suck up any type of liquid, solid or muddy material and are a state-of-the-art solution in the world of trenchless technologies.


RSP suction excavators are an innovative and sustainable solution to traditional excavation methods. Thanks to their powerful turbines, they can suck any material dry, reducing the volume of waste to be disposed of.

  • Sustainability
  • Easy logistics fo the jobsite
  • High suction power
  • Ready for operating in City Centres
2 results

ESE 6 RD 8000

The Gerotto ESE 6 RD 8000 suction excavator is a reliable and versatile machine that vacuums up to 120 mt and 45 mt deep.


ESE 6 RT 10000

The Gerotto Ese 6 RT 10000 suction excavator is powerful and capacious, perfect for construction and industrial remediation applications.

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